Unusual Things To Do in Toulouse


In the south west region of France is Toulouse, known as the Pink City because of the beautiful bricks that cover the buildings surrounding the city, the city is also known for an incredible gastro scene and delicious wine. When visiting Toulouse France in 2022, there are plenty of unique things to do and when looking for fun unusual things to do in this historic French city.  Beyond the best clubs in Toulouse and enjoying the nightlife in Toulouse, here are some of the other unusual things to do in Toulouse.

The city of Toulouse is packed full of students with many universities surrounding the area. This means that when you are venturing out into the city at night, you are sure to find lots of clubs and bars filled with young people.

Toulouse Gastronomy and Wine

Toulouse is a city that is strong with a student life and social scene. If you are looking for a city that has a lot of singles and a great dating scene, this is the city for you in France. In Toulouse there fourteen different Universities including the University of Toulouse and Federal University of Toulouse Midi-Pyrénées. Toulouse is known as a sporty city and the city has a great rugby team. A quarter of it’s population are students and the city is known for having a strong heritage. The city also boasts a fantastic wine scene.

Toulouse Weather and the Best Time to Visit

Planning a trip to Toulouse during the Summer months will offer you sun and dry weather.

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For many people coming from the Cannes Film Festival and heading towards Toulouse on train, they are offered lots of opportunities to advance their travel plans.

The local Toulouse wine scene is truly incredible and here are some of our recommendations for the best wine experiences in Toulouse.

Where to stay in Toulouse

Beyond the Airbnb services available throughout the city, traveling to Toulouse will most likely require lodging. The music scene is bustling in Toulouse and there are plenty of great hotels to stay. If you are wondering where to stay at in Toulouse, check out our recommendations below.

Cité de l’espace and Space Exploration

You can now check out the new planetarium and more at Cité de l’espace.


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