The Best Bordeaux Wine Tours


Travel to the wine country of Bordeaux and explore some of the best wineries of the world with one of the many Bordeaux Wine Tours available. Experience the best Bordeaux Wine Tours for 2022 with Berlinerstil and our guide to French wine including a look at the merlot grapes and cabernet grapes and the influence these grapes have had on the land and the wine industry. The french lifestyle is most alive in Bordeaux, with Bordeaux wine tours with local wineries and French people. Bordeaux is a vast region home to 10,000 wine producers and 57 different AOCs.

Bordeaux Merlot and a History of Wine

When we look at the history of Merlot, we see that it has expanded for over 2000 years. The history of the Merlot grape is very fascinating and it’s influence in Bordeaux. Red – or ‘Claret’ as it’s known – now comprises 88 percent of Bordeaux wine. Check out the Guide to Wine in France map provided by Berlinerstil and enjoy the merlot grape that is grown in other French regions but the Merlot grape is predominantly known in the Bordeaux area. Little Blackbird is the name given for the Merlot grape and it began to grow towards the Médoc region.

The rich history of wine in the Bordeaux region continues to grow as the winemakers advanced towards the 45th parallel. Bordeaux is known as the centre of the fine wine world and the maritime climate of Bordeaux offers perfect conditions for growing grapes fit for long-lasting wines that are classically-constructed.

Winery Tours in Bordeaux France

Spending an afternoon tasting the delicious wines of Bordeaux can feel overwhelming if you are not aware of what wines to go too. Choosing one of the 100,000 wineries in the Bordeaux region as a destination may seem like a challenge. With great food, wine, culture and heritage, France’s Bordeaux is one of the upmost places to visit in France.

  • Château de Pitray
  • Château Mouton Rothschild
  • Château Pape-Clément



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