Polish Foods and the Cuisine of Poland


Spending time living in Krakow, I found a deep appreciation for Polish cuisine and the local food from Poland. In Poland, you will find some dishes that are similar to German cuisine and other dishes that are very unique to the regions of Poland you are visiting. One of my favorite restaurants to go to when visiting Krakow is the local restaurant Przystanek Pierogarnia.

Besides the delicious amounts of Vodka you are most likely going to try while in Poland, the cuisine of Poland is some of my favorite cuisine in the world.

Pierogi is the King of Polish Cuisine

The best Pierogi in Krakow can be found at Przystanek Pierogarnia. Bigos is another popular Polish dish that you must try. It is very popular and very delicious. In the English language it is known as Hunter’s Stew.


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