Exploring Turin Italy in Summer 2022


The beautiful city of Turin Italy has a rich history of food, wine and automobiles. In the summer of 2022 explore Turin, Italy with Berliner Stil and our look at what makes Turin stand out from other places around the world and how you can explore the city with us. It is home to art, culture and heritage all that makes it rather a unique place indeed. The city of Turin served as the capital of Italy for many years and remains the capital of the Piedmont region.

Italy’s slow food movement originated in Torino and the Piedmont region. The region is known for delicious food from around the world. Torino hosted the Winter Olympics in 2006 and is home to many great museums.

Nightlife in Torino

Beyond the monuments and museums of Torino, the nightlife of Torino offers some of the best bars and clubs in Italy for students, young people and those looking to have fun after a long day of site seeing. This is the place where the Aperitivo was born. Live music in Torino can be found all over the city.

  • Bar Cavour
  • Hiroshima Mon Amour
  • Jazz Club Torino


Visiting the Palazzo Real di Torino

The history of Turin and the region of Piedmont is at the foot of the alps and was unified 1861 and it is the birth place of the Italian film industry. This is the place where the slow food movement is true and ripe.


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