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Travel through Europe in 2022 with Berlinerstil and our guide to the best destinations to visit and explore in Europe including France, Italy, and locally right here in Germany. Explore the best hotels and lodging available in Europe as well as hidden treasures in your favorite parts of Europe. From wine tasting in Provence, to shopping for the best in fashion in London’s luxury shops, Berlinerstil delivers high quality content regarding travel in Europe.

The latest travel restrictions in Europe and the cheapest places to travel that will also give you a sense of luxury when you arrive. With the current heat waves, strikes, and gas prices sky rocketing, many wonder if now is the best time to travel to Europe. Cancellations and fewer cost restrictions and as more and more flights are being cancelled and the rising time to travel and the flight prices looking incredibly grim for many.

Travel to Greece in 2022

Fathers Day and Juneteenth plus revenge travel is a bit much. This is the busiest day for travel and easy jet has decided to cut thousands of flights while across Europe we have Ryanair looking to have an ongoing strike.