British Celebrities Style Influence


The influence that English culture has had on world power is unmistakable. Famous celebrities from the UK include Sean Connery, Elton John, Daniel Craig and much more. But we want to dig in further and find out more about what celebrities are trending in the world of England’s celebrity land. Robert Pattinson, John Boyega, and Tom Hardy all broke through and hit the big screen in recent years. But there are also more recent male actors that are rising to the top from the UK and are influencing the styles on the global stage.

Other celebrities who trend from the UK include Adele, Boris Johnson, Prince Charles, and others. Style and fashion trends with interviews and updates from Paris Fashion Week, and more. With the latest in technology, gaming, and architecture combined with our local news coverage, Berlinerstil offers elements of all things trending. Travel in Europe in 2022 with Berlinerstil and explore the best parts of the world, today.

Upcoming Male Actors of 2022

One actor that is on the rise is Joe Cole. The actor is famous for his work on many great films and the TV show Gangs of London

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