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The startup scene of Vilnius, Lithuania is doing well. Vilnius is the home to over 200 startups and within the fertile, lands of Lithuania, a robust community of startups is growing. At local coffee shops such as Botanique, Huracan Coffee, and Strangelove, entrepreneurs and techs brainstorm on the next great invention. The coffee scene in Vilnius offers fantastic environments for startups to focus in and thrive. As a mid-sized innovation cluster, Vilnius and the country of Lithuania have lots to offer. Lithuania is a country of 2.9 million and their focus in Vilnius is their strong wifi connection and the amount of startups flocking to Vilnius.

While sitting at a coffee shop in Vilnius, one can feel this essence of peaceful freedom that surrounds the startup scene here in Vilnius.

Startup Sectors in Vilnius

Financial Tech

The financial tech sector of Vilnius is thriving very well.

Game Development

One industry that is doing very well in Lithuania and specifically in Vilnius is the game development startups including students, professionals, and organizations. Companies such as Nordcurrent offers opportunities to advance game development for all devices.


Vilnius tech startups focused in on biotechnology.

Tech Startups

Legal Processing Outsourcing and the fact that Lithuania is #1 in the EU for number of law students per 1000 inhabitants.

The city of Vilnius is a business friendly environment built on a strong infrastructure of having the fastest internet speed in the EU and Vilnius Tech Park is a startup focus for us. At Vilnius Tech Park, you can find the best startup DNA for your team in the city.

Vilnius Real Estate and Neighborhoods

Real estate options in Vilnius, Lithuania and the Baltic States are good at the current moment.

Popular neighborhoods include Baltupiai, Šeškinė, Žirmūnai, Antakalnis, Užupis, Naujamiestis, and Old Town.

At the Startup Highway, in Vilnius, as an incubator, their focus is on value maximization for young startups. For those seeking capital, we recommend looking towards Intel Capital, Insight Venture Partners, Accel Partners, Octopus Investments, BaltCap, Practica Capital, LitCapital,, Nextury Ventures

LitCapital is worth mentioning for sure.

BaltCap is a VC company of focus here in Vilnius. They focus in on buy-out opportunities and opportunities for growth. In Vilnius economic development and government officials, entrepreneurs and academics are focused in on making Vilnius a great place for startup growth.

How to avoid Brain Drain in Lithuania?

The Scene of Vilnius

Meanwhile, the Vilnius Nightlife continues to grow. With places such as Gringo, Bambalyne, Alaus Biblioteka, and Who Hit John. The Vilnius nightlife is good. Mojo Lounge is one of the best lounges in Vilnius, along with our favorite place, Pabo Latino.

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