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Romania is an Eastern European country that has seen incredible growth in recent years, specifically within it’s startup community. The startup ecosystem of Romania and Bucharest has great potential because Romania is prepared for growth. Romanians work hard, wages are low and it’s low cost of living in Romania offers a viable situation for sustained growth for many startups.

IT Tech Startups in Romania

Romania is known for it’s competitive IT products, and recent strong investments in Romania’s local economy and the increase in growth that the country has scene much growth as the country looks to advance it’s ranking in the with Romania has seen some incredible growth in recent years and is a contender to become a European champion. However, it is lacking in trust, and transparency. Venture capital investment from startups in Romania is nearly nill. region’s second highest GDP growth rate of 7% in 2017

Romania and Startup Nation

The government offers little support and respect to it’s startup community and the local councils really could be doing more.

the limited capacity of higher education institutions

Romania needs a more active role as a stakeholder in the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Romania As The Current EU Presidency of the Council

Romania currently holds the EU Presidency. Reducing development gaps has been a major priority from the Romanian EU Presidency of the Council.

the European Investment Fund and Romania

The Future of Romania

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