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With Romania at ITB Berlin, visitors of the trade fair will be able to explore the Carpathian Gardens. As the Ministry of Tourism is the only specialized institute within Romania focusing in on managing a tourism strategy for the country.

Along with the international markets and promoting tourism within Romania.

Celebrate Together With Romania

From Romania’s strong dedicated to Medical Tourism to the incredible amounts of economic growth coming from startups looking to advance their way into Romania, the diversity of Romania can be seen through the landscape, as well as the infrastructure itself.

Rejuvenate With Romanian Spas and Leisure

Enjoy the unspoiled riches of Romania including the spas for both health treatment and wellness. The best spas in Romania can be seen here at Berliner Stil. The largest spa center in Europe is located in Romania.

As Medical Tourism Booms wordlwide, we see Dentexpert, a dental clinic from Romania taking charge at ITB Berlin 2019.

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