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Riga, Latvia is a beautiful place. When it comes to working in Latvia, the potential is endless. Integrating into Latvian culture. The taxes in Latvia are relatively low and Latvia is still part of the EU. Riga has a population of 637,000 people and it’s main focus is the development of Riga’s startup eco system, including coworking spaces based in Riga, incubators, accelerators, corporates, and investors from Riga and from outside of Riga looking to invest in the city and the country of Latvia.

One company from Riga that we are excited about is Brette haus. This company creates elegant prefabricated house, designed to be easily transported.

In Riga, the economy is resilient. With nine consecutive years of expansion, Latvia is doing very well for itself.

Real Estate in Latvia

Latvia‚Äôs economy grew by 4.8% in 2018, these numbers are based on the preliminary figures from the Ministry of Finance. It is projected to continue it’s growth. What does this mean for real estate in Latvia?

Private consumption and investments in Latvia and in the city of Riga will continue to remain up.

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