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An expats guide to moving to Leipzig, Germany and what to expect. And as you travel south from Berlin towards Leipzig, even when you past Leipzig or head east towards Dresdin, you are going to find a beautiful country to explore. Moving to Leipzig is an adventure.

Finding a Job in Leipzig

For example, have you been to Aachen? Located near Germany’s border with Brussels, Aachen is known as a spa city. Due to it’s location as Germany’s westerly city, and sharing border with it’s neighbors, Aachen has a rich history and is known for its spa centers. Another place worth checking out is Münster. We think Münster is very under-rated and think you should check it out. That is the point. There are tons of great cities to check out in Germany. Münster is a hub for technology, science, and art in Germany.

But what does all this have to do with finding a job in Leipzig?

Not so far south in Augsburg, people are celebrating the economy there. Maybe you should consider moving there instead. It is a student town and one student town we love very much. And it is similar in size to Leipzig. Maybe a little smaller. Okay, Leipzig is double the size.

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