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Movie development from the birth of the idea, and taking the idea from to writing, organizing, and the planning stages of the project. Because film production in Europe is booming and many great movies are taking place in Europe. With countries embracing both art house films, independent films, and major studio markets, UK, France, Germany, Spain and Italy making great headway with film development in Europe let’s also look at the the independent production of films and audiovisual works in Europe. Often times the goal is to arrive at the destination of the largest platforms including HBO, Amazon, Google, Netflix, Apple, and Facebook, as well as the major

When one looks at the exciting movies in development and coming into development in 2019/2020 and how many of those great movies are filmed and produced in Europe. And when one looks at the current state of movie development, especially in Europe.

As the culturial identities of cinema is reflected in the work of some of our most beloved filmmakers

Art House Movie Development

European Art House Cinema and an approach to movie development and movie making that is popular with areas of independence.

Though the movie development process and the film festivals of Europe including Berlinale and the upcoming Beinalle the excitement grows around the process of developing movies.

Also something that many filmmakers need to consider whent they are in development is the marketing of the movie and ultimately becoming the CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) of the production.

Independent Film Development

The independent films in development across Europe and the excitement brewing in places like Berlin.



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