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As we look towards August in 2019, we also look at the different countries that are doing very well with startups and why Berlin is still the best startup scene in the EU. Yes, we agree that Silicon Valley and Berlin have a lot in common and many are still going to wonder, why Berlin?

Especially when we look at Slavic countries such as Prague, Warsaw, as we look towards finding the best cities for advancing your startup in 2020. Let’s take a look at Minsk for example. What makes Minsk such an attractive place for startups?

Now that Brexit has completely changed the playing field for startups in the EU an dAfter Brexit, Berlin now stands as the EU’s favorite destination for startups in Europe. Is Berlin set to become the next Silicon Valley? These are questions that are often wondered about here in Berlin and often times are asked.

Many large brands and startups are making Berlin their home. Berlin has seen a lot of success in recent years with growth within the tech industries and startup world. Berlin has quickly gained a reputation and is being looked at as the reigning city of startups in Europe. Is Berlin Europe’s Silicon Valley? And do we really care?

In 2017,  Berlin kept track of 3,000 tech start-ups on point with 2017 – 2018  having over 2 billion in venture capital funding come into the city.

As we look to the future of tech and the startups of Berlin, we ask ourselves. Is Berlin the Silicon Valley of Europe. Now, Silicon Valley in California is a might beast to compare oneself to. But do the numbers add up?

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