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As the capital of Germany, Berlin’s history has created a beautiful depth to the city. The beauty of Berlin is rare and something uniquely German. The city has always been a place of diversity and though definitely not without conflict, Berlin has grown and reflects this beauty and diversity through it’s film and television.

Europe Diversity in Film and Television

It’s mre then German, it’s Europian. It’s more then European, it’s German. Its a muddled element of life. Some woud say that the best moments in German film and TV were during the GDR rule of Germany from 1946 – 1989. Yes, movies such as Das Boot and Downfal are some of Germany’s most greatest attributions to film, yet what about larger independent film and television?

Independent German Film

The beauty of German cinema in 2018 and 2019 with the inspiration available from all areas.
Berlin is an inspiration. While the film industry and television look to assist us in the journey towards a great trend in German television,

Daniel Brühl may come to mind as a popular German actor. If you’ve seen the movie Good Bye Lenin! You may know the talent of the man. Did you know that the new Kingsman has added Daniel Brühl to the latest installment. At the International Film Festival in Marrakech Dakota Johnson and Daniel were seen promoting the festival.

The question was brought to my attention by a friend, while I was walking down the street the other day. How does Berlin inspire such beauty and the rich, dark history of Berlin. Now, I’ve been in Berlin for a very long time. My father was born in Berlin and my, she always was fond of classic German television from both sides of the wall. But I spent a lot of my time in West Berlin.

Berlin in German Television

The fashion statements of German television and the beauty that has been portrayed have a n interesting history. Once the influence of the BBC model of television came in to Germany, now 90 percent of TV is on cable and satelite.

About 90 percent of TV viewers have cable and/or satellite. But even if you want to watch over-the-air TV in Germany, it isn’t free and you’ll need a TV set that works with Germany’s digital DVB TV standard. People who move to Berlin just might find it hard to find uot whwere the television is.

When it comes to Berliners and TV, we have you covered.