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The Berlin based dark, crime drama, Dogs of Berlin is availalble to stream n Netflix now. Directed by Christian Alvarti and staring Fahri Yardım as Erol Birkan and Felix Kramer as Kurt Grimmer, the first episode of Dogs of Berlin, V.I.P. revolves around the central character of the film, Kurt and his job as a police officer. The sexy side of Berlin is certainly prevailant in this Netflix original. Yet, there is a grittyness to the style of filmmaking we enjoy very much.

The first episode of Dogs of Berlin opens with a riot and finishes with Kurt sits down with his family for breakfast, greeting his kids after a days work.

Dogs of Berlin is the second web television series produced by Netflix. The first being Dark. In Berliner Stil’s review of the first episode V.I.P. we noticed nothing but spectacular performances from cast and crew of this new Netflix original including the amazing cinematography by Frank Lamm and Christoph Krauss.

Dogs of Berlin is Netflix highly, anticipated German language crime drama and  also costars an excellent cast including Katharina Schüttler, Anna Maria Mühe, Katrin Sass, Hannah Herzsprung, Antonio Wannek, Mišel Matičević, Jasna Fritzi Bauer and Constantin von Jascheroff.

With Dogs of Berlin we see

You can now stream Dogs of Berlin on Netflix.

Produced by Surreal Entertainment

A look at the first episode of the Netflix original series Dogs of Berlin. T

Germany is set to play Turkey in the World Cup qualifying match and in the first episode of Dogs of Berlin is directed by Christian Alvalrt and stars

The cinematography and story of Dogs of Berlin is high quality.

Netflix and Future German Web Series


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