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Budapest is thriving as a tech startup mecca for 2019. So, you just touched down in Budapest and you are wondering what to do next? Budapest has quickly become a top destination for tech startups and digital nomads searching for a city where one can not only survive, but also have the opportunity to thrive. As Berliner Stil looks at the techs startup game in Budapest, we look at different items of exploration in Budapest. Want to know the best food for your tech startup meal? We also have you covered.  If you are looking to walk across the chain bridge or take a Hungarian wine tour, we can get you set up with the best of Budapest. But let’s stay focused here. Hungary was a large supporter of the unification of Germany.

Startup Safari 2019

As Budapest and Hungary eye the 2032 Olympics, we eye Budapest. If you are looking for fun things to do in Budapest, well, we have you covered. We might suggest visiting a Ruin Bar in Budapest, and specifically Zsimpla Kert and their lovely farmers market on Sunday including Zsimpla Brunch. Definetely look to take in some thermal baths while you are in Budapest. A must see for and explore for anyone looking to enjoy their time in Budapest. Another relaxing place is  Gellerts Baths and Rudaths Baths

The Liberty Bridge and Technology

One of the first stops should be, when enjoying Budapest, Fisherman’s Bastion. Once you walk across the Chain Bridge in the day time and again at night, you will understand why Budapest is simply amazing.  Have you had an opportunity to visit the Hungarian State Opera House, we recommend going. We thought it was ironic that Hungary has truly lost it’s identity. Often times, people wonder how this is so. With so many great churches to see, we might suggest first seeing Matthias Church and Buda Castle as well as riding the Buda Castle Hill Vinicular

Travel and Technology in Budapest

Learning to enjoy yourself in Budapest might be hard for many, yet here at Berliner Stil, we have some advice on where to go to explore the best of Budapest. Latin fusion in Budapest includes visiting Barrio Latino Cafe in Budapest and exploring the fun times we have across the country including the city of Budapest. And at the Dramawork acting school, we are going to find lots of great actors ready to work. There are going to be plenty of great actors in Budapest, yet remember that we are only their for three days total as of now and we need to find a connection that is relevant or move on. This brings us to Thursday in Budapest.

Budapest and  the country of Hungary is known for it’s fantastic broadband network and with the cost of living in Budapest being so cheap, it’s no wonder that many tech startups and digital nomads are looking to make Budapest their new home away from home. Earlier this month, at the Startup Campus Berlin, here in Berlin, Germany, Budapest celebrated their tech startup direction for 2019.

Hungarian Women in Technology

At the Prezi House of Ideas, in Budapest, a meetup group for women in the tech industry in Budapest takes place. And as the Oxnard Press has recently opened up a tech center in Budapest, the Budapest Tech Centre we look at some of the ways Hungarian women are moving forward with technology in Budapest.

US Based company, Black Rock is currently investing in Budapest and looks at the work force as a main reason to do so in Budapest. Located at the GTC White House in Budapest, the GTC White House is an LEED Certified structure in Budapest offering

Tech Startup Events in Budapest

It is home to some very popular startup events including Skill Goulash, Budapest Hackathons, Vittinger Meetup as well as Hackathon-in-a-Box. Notable tech organizations and companies include Prezi and LogMeIn.

Have you heard of Signall?? What about Synetic, one startup company that is very much leading the way in tech startups for Budapest. Notable incubators and accelerators in Budapest include Kitchen Budapest, Traction Tribe, ConnectEast, Aquincum Technology Incubator, Oxo Labs, Digital Factory, MyCo and DBH SeedStar. As we focus in on such Budapest startups such as Barion Payment, a new fintech app that recently secured €6m investment from one of the wealthiest individuals in the Czech Republic, Petr Kellner. Or Turbine, another great Budapest based startup that was founded in 2015. This biotech startup is focused on utilizing AI to cure cancer. Barion was founded by technology company Sense/Net

Hungarian Cuisine

Let’s focus in on the cuisine of Hungary. The gastronomy of Hungary is something that everyone should want to explore. Hungarian Startups in Cuisine and exploration of Hungarian cuisine including the wine of Hungary with stops like Faust Wine Cellar, try some of the Hungarian Goulash, paprikash that is so famous here in Hungary with Berliner Stil. Be sure if visiting Budapest to shop at the Great Market Hall. First things’ first. Try Langos and Chimney Cakes and a tasty Kolbasz, a traditional Hungarian sausage and as we belive that the focus of Hungarian farming should be on Organic Farming,

As we look at the Hungarian Parlament of a 100 years old and the St. Stephens Basilica as well as the largest synogouge in Euorpe the Dohany Street Synogouge



Explore the best studios in Budapest and the thriving music scene of Budapest, Hungry in 2019 with Berliner Stil. Have you explored Utopia Studio in Budapest? Check it out and let’s explore the best in where to go for Budapest’s thriving music scene.

Westend/Nyugati and the West End City Center in beRLIN.

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