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The summer influence on Berlin and the trends for Summer 2019 and the upcoming Fall season. Looking towards the fashion and beauty selections currently in Berlin at the moment. As Berlin continues to breakdown barriors within the fashion industry and many great beauty and fashion trends are appearing throughout Germany. Many great Berlin based artists are currently making great moves with visual art and music.

As we look to the styles and designs of 2019, Berliner Stil 2019 focus includes our look at the classic designs in Berlin and some of the influences that have created the staple mark of style in Berlin over the years. 2019 will also be a year dominated by tech and the direction of our most popular series “Tech in Berlin” which focuses in on the growing tech industry and startup community of Berlin, Germany.

At our headquarters in the heart of Berlin, Berliner Stil plans to dedicate 2019 to our love for all subjects of art and culture in Berlin and the surrounding countries plus some perspective and inspiration from international communities. Because our team has an interest and a very deep passion for the sexy side of Berlin, we will be sure to offer the latest trends in fashion and beauty, as well as a intense look into the underground culture of Berlin in 2019.

Here at Berliner Stil, we vow, that in 2019, we will be dedicated, and pledge our duty to this Sexy Side of Berlin. The styles of Berlin are as diverse as the people that make up this great city and we have found in past year’s that the best of Berlin really is located in the hidden elements of Berlin.

Berlin’s Sexy Side

The sexy side of Berlin is often times hidden from the tourists. Take a walk down the streets of Berlin on a Saturday night or linger in the tube to find the sexy side of Berlin. For the last decade, Berlin has seen fantastic growth and still has managed to remain sexy. Though the growth Berlin has experienced is well deserved, many of us fear what might happen to our beautiful city in the future. This growth has been well deserved, however, Berlin has always been sexy. With Berliner Stil, we explore Berlin’s sexy side.

The Future of Berlin Style and Fashion in 2019

The focus of our local energy,  delivering the best information and insights into fashion, culture and the latest news from important innovations relevant to technology, specifically in Berlin, Germany.

As we do so, we are excited with our movement and energy towards the underground music scene in Berlin. Electronic music reigns supreme in Berlin and will continue to do so, within the foreseeable future. Hip hop and urban style music is gaining in popularity. All over Berlin, in 2018 we saw plenty of diversity. And I will tel you as a black brit writing this, we are living in a great time for racial diversity in Berlin, Germany.

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