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On the global fashion scene, Berlin’s fashion style has always held inspiration and a genuine authentic approach to it’s fashion design. In 2019, the influence of tech startups and the new growth and success of Berlin has had an influence on the styles and fashion trends of Germany and Berlin. It will certainly be exciting to see where this takes us in the years to come and what brands will be influencing the trends and fashions of Berlin. 

Berlin’s Ever Changing Fashion Trends

It is hard to not confess the inevitable. Berlin has changed. Yet with this change in style and fashion, Berlin finds peace with itself. Fashion tech and the focus of tech influenced fashion trends can be seen all over Berlin. The value of Berlin as a global fashion capital, Everyone is seeking out the best street styles of the Berlin Fashion Week. Berlin is the new cool.

Imagine Berlin 100 years ago. Imagine Berlin 30 years ago. Fashion and style in the German capital has changed incredibly. And we are looking to exciting times in Berlin for 2019. While we look on to 2019, excited for what is to come, we may ask ourselves, what it is that we are truly looking forward to in fashion? Through Berlin’s dark history, we have some incredible changes in style. Let’s look to 2019 with inspiration the reflects the city of Berlin and Germany as a nation. The street styles of Berlin, Germany are everywhere and there is fashion sense for both winter and summer wear.

For those who want to know what to wear in Berlin, Germany, they come to Berliner Stil.

90s rave circuit

rubber of the 2000s queer sex scene

Expressing yourself as a woman of power in 2019

Through what you wear. This a very exciting time to be a woman in Berlin. The amount of power and strength that I am able to create and this is not easy, working in the tech industry. But every day, I work hard to do so.

Looking Forward To Berlin Fashion Weeks

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