In 2019, startups are on the move in Berlin. With our guide to startups currently in Berlin and the Berlin unicorn startups shaping the city, Berliner Stil shares the stories of startups progressing in this beautiful city. With Berliner Stil’s focus on the Berlin tech scene and the startups that are attracting investment and capital into the city. Berlin is Germany’s startup capital. As Berlin design leads the way for Startups along with art, music and overall sense of entrepreneurship.

Keeping our ears to the beat of Berlin’s startup pulse.

The job market for startups in Berlin including IT jobs and Berlin based startups and because Berlin is Europe‚Äôs leader for achieving start-up capital, the inspiration that you can find in Berlin in 2019 with it’s city of vibrance beauty and a strong trajectory forward it is truly inspirational.

With Berliner Stil’s startups of 2019, our focus is to look towards the future of startups in Berlin.