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More than 3,500 exhibitors, in January, in Berlin. What else can we say. This collaboration between Berlin Fashion Week and the famous photographer Fregor Hohenberg, we LOVE Gregor’s work. Well, have you heard about the partnership and collaboration between stylist Daniel Sartore, and Gregor? It’s for Berlin Fashion Week January 2019 and storytelling is a main theme of the design elements.

In collaboration with the photographer Gregor Hohenberg and the Berlin based stylist Daniel Sartore, the campaign motif for the Berlin Fashion Week January 2019 has been created. It was developed in favor of the Senate Department for Economics, Energy and Public Enterprises, as well as of Berlin Partner for Economics and Technology. Gregor Hohenberg assisted Wolfgang Tillmanns in London for two years, and implemented campaigns for Joop, Y3, Nike and Hugo Boss. He also shot editorial images for the New York Times Magazine, GQ, German Vogue, Brutus and the so called Achtung Magazine. Hohenberg’s unique photographic style combines both elements, fashion and storytelling. In his photography this combination forms a dynamic composition.

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