The best in fashion week here in Berlin at Berlin Fashion Week 2019, with trendsetting fashion statements take Berlin with trendsetters in January and the club scene enjoys this as well.

Are you ready for the Berlin Fashion Week coming to Berlin in January 2019? Berliner Stil is always pumped for this annual event. We love the high end fashion avaiable including the trade shows and the events. discover, evaluate, then later to buy what the designers have thought up so everything for the person of the present and the future.

German celebrities and local prepare for the most exciting week in fashion for Winter in Germany, the Berlin Fashion Week is coming up in just two weeks. The Spring Berlin Fashion Week celebration takes place in January and this year, the exact date will be January 15th – 18th. Grab your best dress honey, we are going out.

Amesh Wijesekera has been nominated to showcase at Berlin Fashion Week in January 2019

Berliner Stil will keep you up-to-date as more than 3,500 exhibitors come in on Berlin like a sexy fashion icon should.

The Dates for the Berlin Fashion Week for January 2019