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2018 was a exciting year for German movies. In our review of our favorite German movies in 2018 we look at the films that moved us the most and the cinema that was produced with intention and was amazingly well done. From the best in German movie directors, filmmakers and incredible artists coming together to create beautiful stories in 2018, here is the Berliner Stil end of the year Review of Our Favorite German Movies From 2018.

Directors such as Emily Atef who premiered her film at Berlinale 2018.

The sexy side of Berlin shined through on the big screen in 2018. With popular TV series Berlin Babylon, and Amazon’s Man In The High Castle, interest in Sexy Berlin and Berlin style has grown. Netflix gave a great push to German cinema and TV in 2018. 2018 saw a lack in attendance to the Box Office, yet I would say overall this has been a grand experience.

2018 Berlin film festival’s jury, led by German filmmaker Tom Tykwer Beginning with January and “In the Fade” German actress Marie Bäumer

The Berlin Fim Festival. With up-and-coming filmmakers with events in Hof, Munich, and Saarbrücken.

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