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Startups in the Czech Republic are quickly gaining recognition with their highly educated, young population and their strong infrastructure. Berliner Stil’s review of the best in startup advancements for the Czech Republic includes our look at startups that have captured the international eyes and ears of investors and have began to create a reputation in the Czech Republic for innovation.

It’s rare that I go to a startup meeting or convention and not hear some sort of news about the great work coming out of Prague and the rest of the Czech Republic. In a recent analysis conducted by NimbleFins, the Czech Republic ranked 6th out of 12 countries in Europe for startup businesses. The indicators NimbleFins focused on were economic health, the cost of doing business, the quality of labor force and the overall business climate.

Prague, A City For Startups

Prague is the city of focus for startups in The Czech Republic and with it’s central location in Europe,

One company that has Berliner Stil in it’s radar is Decissio. This Prague based startup is an online service currently looking to leverage artificial intelligence and optimize data power to your investment decision making processes. It helps you discover hidden insights on a global pool of data and enables you to manage your entire decision-making process within one tool.

Artificial Intelligence in Prague

You can visit Czech Republic and Prague in April 2019 for the Startups World Cup & Summit at the Prague Congress Centre.


DBH Technologies



The Infrastructure of Prague and the Czech Republic


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