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The wealth that flows through the city of Berlin, mostly from tech startups and the economic boom that has shaped Berlin in recent years has some citizens and politicians celebrating and others scrambling to keep up. Yes, Berlin is changing. The city that once took center stage as “poor but sexy” is now facing change. And for newcomers to Berlin, the city holds a certain type of fascination, that is a mixture of rich culture, a turbulent history and an exciting future.

Yet for a true Berliner, Berlin is home. We Berliners mostly love and adore our city. Berlin is home to beautiful iconic neighborhoods, deep insights into culture and a sense of freedom, you just don’t find in other cities. Yet as wealth is distributed throughout the city, it is not always distributed evenly.

How to Distribute the Wealth Evenly

economic boom and identity crisis, activists, citizens and politicians are scrambling for solutions on affordable housing before newcomers irrevocably transform the city’s most iconic neighborhoods.. The amount of money and the sources of which this wealth is distributed is fascinating. There is quite a bit of young money flowing through the city with TONS of GREAT FRESH STARTUPS.

Let’s talk for a moment about Berlin’s global appeal. The economy is currently strong, yet the political climate in Germany is shaky.

for Berlin continues unabated with its strong economy, excellent relative value, historic under-supply of new homes and high quality of life – all assisted by an economy showing 29% five-year GDP growth, ranking 12 in the Prime International Residential Index (PIRI) 100 with a growth of 10% compared to 9% in 2016 and strong commercial demand ranking 10th globally for commercial property investment (US$ 10 .4 billion in 2017).

Startups and Wealth Distribution

What startups in Berlin are bringing in the good wealth?

Georg Schaeffler – We know him and we love him. The guy has been doing very well. His family’s wealth is estimated at $34 billion dollars.


Axel Oberwelland – The man. This guy has it all. Axel Oberwelland is a German Billionaire with lots of great momentum moving forward. As the owner of of the German candy company August Storck KG, Mr. Axel Oberwelland is doing very well.

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