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The city of Berlin is a place where the wine flows and the international influence inspires a wonderful combination of wine and food pairings. Finding the best German wine in Berlin and wines from around the world is made easy with Berliner Stil’s annual guide to wine in Berlin. In 2019, we look to offer the best wine bars and wine shops in Berlin for those searching for the best in German wines, Old World wines and New World wines.

German Wine in Berlin

Natural Wine in Berlin

Wine Bar Schwein is where we will begin this post. As the best wine bar in Charlottenburg, Wine Bar Schwein is an epic location for delicious wine.

If you are in the area of Potsdamer Platz, we recommend visiting the historic Lutter & Wegner at Weinhaus Huth. It was once the center of Berlin, and is also the home to The Barn. Yet this post is focused on wine in Berlin and is one of our favorite neighborhood bars within the elegant

Let’s continue at one of our favorite wine bars in the neighborhood of Mitte, Weinbar Rutz. Located on Rutz, Chausseestraße 8, Weinbar Rutz offers a grand environment for enjoying wine in Berlin. The chef here at Weinbar Rutz is one of the best chefs in Berlin and the wine selection is amazing. The menu is based upon natural elements which we really enjoyed here at Berliner Stil.

People ask us all the time, where to go for the best in wine exploration with both German wine elements, European wine elements and wine from all over the world.

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